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The Rundown With Brynlee & Bostyn Hall

From the young ages of 5 and 6, Brynlee and Bostyn Hall are out on the water daily killing it. We sat down and talked to the young girls about what they enjoy about wakesurfing and the plans they have ahead in their long career. Both girls are dedicated to the sport and enjoy being on the water.

Wakesurf Board

1. How old are you guys and where are you from?

My name is Brynlee and I am 6. My name is Bostyn and I am 5, we are both from California.

Wakesurfing Air

2. Starting them so young did you guys see an advantage to it?

The parents saw a huge advantage to having them out. Boston was 6 months old when she first was taken out on a board with her mother and Brynlee was a year and half. They naturally thought that surfing wasn’t scary being so young they didn’t have much fear.

3. Looking towards the future, where do you see this career going for you guys?

Brynlee- I want to keep competing and become a professional surfer.
Bostyn- I want to start competing, I love doing airs.

Wakesurfing with Surf Union

4. What made you guys realize these girls had talent?

The Parents noticed it came naturally they did push them a little bit starting. But once they got back there they both just started progressing quickly in wakesurfing. Especially Bostyn she gets the nicest gear for wakesurfing because we learned what we need to help these girl progress. They grew up on the water and that’s all they know. 

5. What are upcoming plans you both are excited for?

Brynlee- I am going to be riding my new “Super Fly” wakesurfing board by Soul Craft. I plan to start competing when competitions come back up. My boat is a Mastercraft and I absolutely love it!
Bostyn- Ride my new board! I have a custom Soul Craft board that I am super excited to ride this year.

Surf Union rider Hall Girls

6. What is your favorite surfing song?

Brynlee- Her favorite son is “Delirious” by Steve Aoki otherwise known as the Smurf song according to Brynlee.
Bostyn- My favorite song is “Dance Monkey” by Tones and I