Your favorite wakesurf board is ruined after a great weekend on the lake, but you are unsure why. Learn how to Prevent Damage to those wakesurfers that can hurt the pockets. 

Prevent Warping

Have you ever had a bubble pop up on your surf board? This is called warping. Warping is when the wakesurf board has been subjected to heat from being left on the boat or in extreme temperatures for a long period of time. 

To prevent warping always store your board in the racks of your towboat or in a cool area. Many people will leave their boards on their boat bimini top while this is a great storage place make sure you rotate your board to prevent them sitting on top of the sun all day.

Key Points to Prevent Warping:

  • Keep Wakesurf Boards out of the sun for Long Periods of Time
  • Rotate Boards that are stored on top of Towers Bimini Top
  • Don't leave surf boards outside for long periods of time
  • Store Wakesurf Boards in a cool area

Keep Fins Safe

Fins can be expensive! A new surfboard can be as well. To prevent Breaking Fins or cracking your board always remove your fins while traveling home or storing wakesurf boards. This will prevent your from snapping a fin and cracking your boards fin base which is a pricey repair or will require a new board. To keep all your fins safe you should buy a Fin Organization Bag to keep all your Tools, Fins, Keys, Epoxy, and more together in your boats center console.

Key Points for Fins:

  • Remove Fins while Storing or Transporting Boards
  • Keep Fins and Tools in one place to reduce loss of gear

Transporting Boards

When Transporting a board it is always safe to have a board bag to carry your board and travel with. This will prevent scratching, dents, and more. Will also reduce the chance of your board warping under direct sunlight.