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The Beginning

In 2019, Elias Garcia, the visionary behind Surf Union, embarked on his college journey to pursue his business aspirations. It was within the confines of his modest 400-square-foot dorm room, alongside his close friend, that Surf Union was conceived and nurtured. Despite facing financial constraints and limited resources—barely scraping by with funds for basic necessities like beer and cup noodles—this period represented a golden opportunity for Elias to channel his passion into creating something truly meaningful, free from the constraints of others' expectations.

The First Tee

Our journey began with our First Tee, crafted from an inexpensive dropshipping cotton tee adorned with a handmade logo, all without prior experience. Elias, driven by passion and determination, invested his pennies to create something extraordinary. By leveraging dropshipping, we avoided inventory burdens and kept costs low, enabling us to produce samples and initiate preorders without financial constraints.


The Start of our Community

At the core of our company lies a commitment to nurturing community and fostering opportunities. Long before the world recognized the remarkable talent of Bailey Dunn and the vision of Surf Union, we took a leap of faith in extending a helping hand. It's incredible to reflect on how, years later, Bailey Dunn emerged as our first rider, showcasing the remarkable person she has become.


The First Logo Creation

Our inaugural logo was designed to embody simplicity and convey the essence of Surf Union. While it served its purpose in building brand awareness during our early stages, we recognized it was just the beginning of our logo journey.


The Vison

As Surf Union gained momentum and garnered belief in the opportunities it presented, we seized upon a unique idea: becoming among the first to brand boats. Armed with this vision, we embarked on a journey across Lake Powell and throughout Southern Utah, leveraging the power of social media during its prime. Our aim was to capture the most captivating clips, establishing trust and credibility as a bona fide brand in the process.


The Opportunity

With momentum building, the moment arrived to elevate Surf Union from bootstrapped designs to pioneering something truly unique in the water sports industry, particularly in apparel. As Elias bid farewell to his college friends, he embraced a new chapter alongside his trusted companion, Ari Monkarsh, opening the door to fresh opportunities and a shared vision for the brand's future.


The Next Level

In 2021, Surf Union prioritized design as the cornerstone of its strategy, recognizing it as the key to standing out in the competitive industry. The partnership between Ari and Elias heralded a new era, empowering them to infuse the company with a distinctive factor that captivated individuals and drew them into the brand's vibrant community.

The Legacy Logo

In 2021, we reached a defining milestone as we solidified our brand identity with a logo that resonated deeply with our community. Crafting this logo was a source of immense satisfaction, as it enabled us to imbue our brand with uniqueness and significance. The incorporation of two waves forming an S not only distinguished us visually but also imbued our identity with profound meaning and depth, symbolizing our journey and connection with the water sports community.

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The Only Fins Case

The inception of The Only Fins Case, now renowned as The Surf Fin Case, marked a pivotal moment for Surf Union, propelling it beyond being merely a merchandising company and into the realm of gear manufacturing. For Elias, venturing into manufacturing outside the USA was a significant learning curve, offering invaluable insights that would shape Surf Union's trajectory. This experience ignited Elias's passion for the manufacturing process, laying the foundation for the evolution of Surf Union into what it has become today.


The Show

In 2022, Surf Union experienced a period of steady growth, marked by the formation of a strong team of riders. However, it was also a year of personal development for Elias, as he temporarily shifted his focus from the company to pursue opportunities in marketing. Despite this transition, Surf Union made its debut at the Utah Boat Show, a significant milestone for the brand. Graciously hosted by our friends Rob and Tiff from Joystick, we were provided space in their booth, where our dedicated team rider, Jaxon Gardner, represented us with enthusiasm at the event.



The Main Stage

In 2023, Surf Union experienced a significant surge in awareness, marking the first time that major players in the water sports industry began to take notice of our accomplishments. This newfound recognition served as a catalyst, propelling us onto the big stage as a trusted name in the industry. Adding fuel to our momentum, our dear friend Matt Manzari generously wore our shirt during a Supreme Boats photoshoot in California, further solidifying our presence and credibility within the community.


The Next Chapter

As we step into 2024, we stand on the brink of an exciting new chapter, fueled by the addition of Elias's lifelong friend and mentor, Parker Lindsey, to our team. Together, we embark on a thrilling journey focused on impact vests. We have meticulously curated a team of talented individuals from across the globe, each bringing a wealth of experience from leading companies in the industry. With their collective expertise, we are poised to revolutionize the world of impact vests, eliminating the learning curve and positioning ourselves as formidable contenders. This project has been two years in the making for us, and our product stands apart as fully custom, down to the stitching. We are ready to challenge the status quo and emerge as a team of champions.

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