Embarking on the thrilling adventure of wakesurfing requires the right tools, and one of the most crucial decisions is choosing the perfect wakesurf board. With a plethora of options available, from surf style to skim style, and an array of features like length, tail styles, and nose styles, the process can feel overwhelming. But fear not! We're here to guide you in finding your ultimate wakesurf board.

There are three distinct styles of wakesurf boards: surf, skim, and hybrid. Each style offers unique characteristics tailored to different riding preferences. Let's dive into each style and discover which one suits you best.


Surf style boards dominate the wakesurfing scene, and for good reason. Mimicking traditional surfboards but designed specifically for boat wake surfing, these boards provide stability, easy wave entry, and quick speed generation. They are ideal for beginners, helping them stay in the wave and learn the basics. Advanced riders also appreciate the surf style boards' agility and high-speed maneuverability, perfect for executing impressive turns, powerful slashes, and breathtaking airs. While they may not excel in performing intricate spin tricks like skim style boards, surf style boards can still handle 360s and various tricks. Top brands like SoulCraft, Ronix, and Liquid Force Surf offer exceptional surf style boards that combine performance and style.


For those seeking a more playful and trick-oriented experience, skim style boards are the way to go. These boards are typically smaller in size and feature smaller fins, providing a slippery feel on the water that's perfect for spins, airs, and skate-inspired tricks behind the boat. If you're comfortable with riding on edge, akin to snowboards, skis, or wakeboards, you'll feel right at home on a skim style board. The skim fin, although small and slippery, offers stability between tricks and airs when you can hold your edge on the wave. Skim style boards are best suited for intermediate to advanced wakesurfers who enjoy pushing their limits.


Hybrid boards offer a blend of characteristics from both surf and skim styles, resulting in a diverse range of shapes and sizes. Some hybrids feature the thickness of a skim style board with the silhouette shape of a surf style board and a dual or tri fin setup. Others have the thickness of a surf style board but the silhouette of a skim board with a single fin setup. The Phase5 Hypsta is a prime example of a hybrid wakesurf board that delivers the best of both worlds—a skim style thickness and edge combined with a surf style silhouette and fin setup. If you're undecided or want a bit of everything, hybrid style boards are an excellent option.

To further enhance your wakesurfing experience, consider the fin setup, tail style, and rail type of your board.


- Single Fin: Commonly found on skim style boards, a single fin offers stability, control, and easy release for spins and lipslides. Small single fin setups on skim boards deliver a slippery and thrilling ride. Best suited for medium to large-sized waves.

- Twin Fin: A fun and playful setup, twin fins strike a balance between surfy turns and easy spinning. Some surf/hybrid style boards come with only two fins, providing stability and excellent carving capabilities. Remove the center tail fin to ride it as a twin fin. Twin fins excel in waves of all sizes, offering increased stability and push.

- Thruster: The most popular fin setup, the thruster consists of three fins. The outside fins generate speed, while the center fin ensures stability and control. This versatile setup can be transformed into a single or twin fin configuration by removing fins. Thrusters excel in

 waves of all shapes and sizes, providing speed, stability, and maneuverability.

- Quad Fin: Exclusive to surf style boards, the quad fin setup is all about speed, allowing you to generate momentum by pumping with the fins. Remove two fins to ride it as a twin fin. Quad fins perform exceptionally well on bigger waves.


- Big, Rounded Tail: A bigger, wider tail catches the wave easily and offers enhanced acceleration and overall speed. Ideal for those without a massive wave behind their boat.

- Rounded Tail: Smaller, more rounded tails provide responsive turns and a loose, playful feel on the water. Skim style boards feature smaller, pointed round tails, perfect for spins and tricks. Round tail shapes work well in medium to large-sized waves but lack the same push as big, square tails.

- Fish/Swallow Tail: This popular tail design from the surfing world is now making waves in wakesurfing. The wider tail delivers push, while the controlled turns remain highly responsive. Fish or swallow tails excel in smaller, mushier waves that lack significant push.


- Full Rail: Found on most surf style boards, the full rail offers stability and consistency throughout turns, making it ideal for riders of all skill levels. The softer, fuller rail ensures excellent wave hold, allowing you to effortlessly maintain speed.

- Hard Rail: Skim style boards typically feature a hard rail. The sharp edge slices through the water, resulting in increased speed and easy release for spins. While lacking the hold of a fuller rail, hard rails offer a loose and slippery feel.

- Blended Rail: Hybrid style boards often incorporate a blended rail, striking a balance between the stability of a full rail and the playfulness required for spins. Blended rails offer a user-friendly and versatile experience, suitable for various riding styles.

Don't forget to equip yourself with a wakesurf-specific rope and handle for safety reasons. These ropes are typically around 25 feet in length, designed to position you perfectly in the wave's sweet spot. Wakesurf handles are smaller since both hands aren't needed at wakesurfing speeds, and they prevent entanglement risks. Look for stylish and reliable options like Follow's small handled surf ropes.

Now armed with the knowledge of wakesurf board styles, fin setups, tail styles, and rail types, you can confidently select the perfect wakesurf board that aligns with your riding preferences. Get ready to carve up the waves and experience the exhilaration of wakesurfing like never before!