We recently caught up with Surf Union rider Jordan Taylor we talk about competitions, her college life, and whats coming next season.
1. You started college this year at ASU. How has the experience been so far?

It's been pretty good, It's been a little weird with covid and everything but I got to move into my dorm and have roommates which was fun. I don't have any classes in person but it has been pretty good to be in 
Phoenix and be in the warmer weather and surf!
2. I’m sure college has kept you busy. Is it hard juggling school, wakesurfing, and work?

Yeah it is, I have 6 classes that I have to do and I work 2 days a week at Boulder Boats. Then I have to try and surf on the weekends that hasn't worked out super well for me. But I have been able to go home a couple weekends and surf with my family in Durango, Colorado. 

3. This season was big for you! What was your most memorable moment?

I did  get the opportunity to go to Georgia for WWA (World Wake Association) Masters Competition! Bailey Dunn and I got to go and I actually one which was so exciting because I never won a in person competition before!
4. Are you planning anything big for next season?

My parents plan on getting a new boat and I plan on surfing a ton on it!

5. What are some challenges you have overcome recently in wakesurfing?

I haven't been wakesurfing a ton lately but I guess i've gotten a better attitude about it! With everything being online, I have became more grateful about the fact that I even get to surf, have a boat, and be with my family on the lake.
6. Who’s a rider you look up too and why?

I look up to Bailey Dunn, she's my favorite person ever! She is so sweet and always has the best attitude out there.

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Images by Justin Burgan, Allison Ragsdale