Surf Union rider Skye Greenhawt was next up on The Rundown! We go over the disadvantages of living in Utah and what the future holds for her wakesurfing career.
1. Growing up in Heber, Utah was it challenging to train for a sport that is only four months long?

Ya it was especially with me being the only one that does the sport. With it getting cold so fast you have to be prepared for the cold.

2. Do you feel like this weather makes you fall behind from the rest of the competition?

I think it is a disadvantage because it is a lot of training time I lose. Especially towards the end of the season it's too cold to be in the water and your body just doesn’t work the same. 
3. What’s something you look forward to this upcoming season?

I’m moving into outlaw this season so I am excited to get new competition, and compete in a higher division.  

4. Who’s a rider you look up to and why?

I look up to Ashley Inloes, I think she has the coolest style! It is super smooth and flowing. She makes everything look super easy and is beyond nice to everyone.

5. What was your most memorable moment in wakesurfing this year?

Getting my Shuv-it! I worked super hard on getting it and was super proud once I landed it!