Surf Union caught up with Team Rider Bailey Dunn! We have watched her grow as a wakesurfer and can't be happier for her! We catch up and talk about how the transition from Utah to Florida was and her next steps towards her career.
1. Transitioning from Utah to Florida how was it?

It’s been great! It has been a lot of fun and also has been hard at times but I have enjoyed it here.
2. Was the change hard on your mental health and did it effect your wakesurfing?

To be completely honest, I think it has benefited me in a ton of different ways. This is my first time on my own away from my family. I just graduated high school so it’s been challenging but it also has been the best thing for me right now!

3. In the future what are you planning to do with wakesurfing?

Hopefully just continue to get better everyday, I mean I am really enjoying it to relieve some stress. It definitely brings me happiness to be out on the water and enjoy the sun. I want to grow the sport, it’s a family sport so hopefully just continue to keep progressing!
4. Who is your biggest influence on why you surf?

100% My dad! I come from a family of all girls and I never was the one to be super into dance or girly sports. So when I am actually out here surfing it’s really a connection I get to have with my dad. I wouldn’t get that with any other sport, he’s pulling me, he’s the one who’s spending his time with me. It’s actually really powerful, my relationship with my dad has grown a ton from wakesurfing and I will always be grateful for that. 

5. What’s your favorite thing about living in Florida?

Honestly I have some of the greatest people in my life here! I get to train with Ashley Inloes and Nick Parros. I get to be on the boat and be in the sun even though I do miss wearing hoodies back home! Im just living my life here surfing and being in the sun!

6. Who do you look up to in the sport of wakesurfing and why?

The very first person I got to know was Ashley Kidd. I seriously was such a fan girl of her at a young age. I remember when they would do surf competitions at Pineview, Utah and I live up there. I would just go across the street and watch, and I remember watching Ashley and go “WOW she is amazing". I went up and talked to her on that day and I was so nervous. Now I actually know her and I get to surf with her and hopefully I can continue that relationship. There has been so much that has come from wakesurfing in general and looking up to somebody is such a powerful thing.

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