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Members have full access to Wakesurf Lessons, E-Foil Lessons, Gear Discounts, Exclusive Gear, and More.

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Enjoy everything Surf Union has to offer. Full Access to Wakesurf Lessons, E-Foil Lessons, and Gear Consultation. 1-Month All Access Members do not receive All Access Benefits. 

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15% Off Gear and Individual Lessons

All Members Receive 15% Off Gear and Individual Lessons (Wakesurf Lessons, E-Foil Lessons)

Family Membership

All Memberships are for families. Wakesurf Lessons can be used for multiple people on your boat within your time frame.

Example: Jimmy and His Kids are on a Wakesurf Lesson, Jimmy rides for 30 Minutes allowing his two kids 30 Minutes. All three ride for their total lesson time of 1:30 Minutes.

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Included in your Memberships you'll receive Perks on Detailing, Gear, Instructors, and Freebies.

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